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Lease Planning

Fast Office gives users the power to create space scenarios and easily visualize answers to “What if?” questions such as “What if we increase or reduce suites? What if our tenant wants to take over additional square footage on the same floor? Easily create and edit suites and automatically calculate square feet in real time.

3D Marketing

The process of creating lease exhibit plans and marketing leasing plans is typically a tedious process. Fast Office transforms the planning experience for tenants, landlords and brokers. Vacant suites become “plug & play;” any floor plan can be generated into a company’s branded template and rendered in virtual reality for mobile devices.

Tenant Engagement

Once tenants virtually walk through your spaces, they can select the spaces they would like to edit with the Fast Office 3D Design tool. Furniture and layouts can be changed on the fly with our intuitive plug and play editor. Tenants can even request professional assistance from a design professional and a virtual consultation. 

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How it Works


Create Lease Plans

Easily divide and hatch spaces, and automatically recalculate the square footage of floor plans. Users can immediately see how their changes will impact rentable areas.  Eliminate the expensive and time-intensive process of hiring third parties to create and make changes to floor plans.

Request Marketing Plans

With a click of a button, you can request a marketing plan within created lease plans. Get an editable 3D model and virtual reality experience embeded in a customized web page that can be linked to your website.

Automated Tenant Test Fits

Allow tenants to edit marketing plans or send a request in for an automated, customized test fit for tenants. Schedule a virtual meeting with a live design professional to finalize fast. Approved test fits are delivered in 3D along with an AutoCAD file for costing and lease documentation. 

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Marketing a property and want to fill it up fast? Try Fast Office for free. Sign up now and receive:

  • 3D model of a vacancy
  • Marketing plan in 3D & 2D published to a branded web page 
  • Rendered virtual reality tour of vacancy
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What our clients say

  • Fast Office has been very helpful. Most importantly with having clients in the room and seeing their space designed. It cuts down lead time, gets them invested and keeps the process moving along. Test fits are no longer holding up the process, they are advancing the process.

    Paul O'Shaughnessy

    Senior Development Associate | Grubb Properties

  • I will tell you that the Fast Office team and their product is amazing and helps us with speed to market on test fits. Their interactive approach allows the prospective tenant to get engaged immediately and the multi-dimensional plans create the wow factor we need to sell the vision. The product truly sets our clients apart from the competition. It certainly makes our job on the agency side more productive.

    Hillman Duncan

    Managing Director - Agency Leasing | Cushman & Wakefield

  • My experience using the Fast Office system was fantastic. It made revision of the space and visualization of the result so much easier to digest, understand and appreciate than prior methods I've used. I would recommend use of this system to you and your continued relations with potential tenants, as well as the tenants themselves.

    Matthew Goldstein

    Tenant | Goldstein & McHugh, PC