3D space evaluation tool for everybody

Intuitive Design

Anyone can use Fast Office. Our software is intuitive and easy to use. Simply drag and drop walls and doors. Our furniture library is easy to use. Drag and drop in furniture to see how it fits.

No AutoCAD

No hard to find AutoCAD files required. Simply upload readily available PDF plans and start drawing in 3D. No software downloads or hard to master design software required.

On-Demand Help

Professionals are available on demand to create custom space plans, in 3D within 48 hours. We use openArcade, a community of architects and designers who can quickly make your options clear.

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Take a test drive now

Give Fast Office a try right now. No account or login required. Click the model below and see how easy it is to load a PDF and begin drawing in 3D right on top of it! No AutoCAD files required or complicated software to master. Prefer to leave space planning to the professionals? Just click the "Request Layout" button and order an editable and shareable 3D test fit to your specification for just $199! See how both options work. Click the model below. 

See our short demo

Editor Image.png
How it Works

Create Project

Create your free account on Fast Office. After signing in, click the red button "New Space" and name it. Then upload a PDF, save and close your project.

Scale PDF

Once you have created your project. Open it up, click your PDF and follow the easy instructions to scale your drawing. If no known dimension exists, scale from an exit door which is always 3'0".

Snap In Walls

Select the walls icon and begin snapping in walls to create a model. Select doors and place on the side of the wall you want the door swing. That's it, you've created a model!

Drag and Drop Furniture

We have a full library of office furniture models. Just drag and drop into your space. Drag around, rotate or use your keyboard arrow keys to "nudge". 

Full Tutorial. Give it a try now. No account required.

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