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FastOffice integrates an office layout, furniture from major manufacturers, TI costs, all in an interactive, easy to understand and incredibly engaging presentation app

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Everything You Need in One Package

The sales and budgeting process for furniture dealers and contractors is fragmented. Multiple colleagues get involved. Spreadsheets, PDFs and brochures are presented. We combine everything in one digital package that a salesperson can use to create a compelling presentation in minutes.

Convert any layout into FastOffice in minutes and be ready to make a big impact.

Big Impact

A fast and easy way for you to deliver interactive content that is way more memorable than static information.


Collaborate with tenants and make revisions on the fly. Budgets are automatically in sync with layout changes.


Contractors, estimate jobs in minutes.

FastOffice eliminates a ton of work and time that GC's have to do to create a construction budget. Our unique takeoff tool automatically creates an accurate scope of work. Create the presentation, automatically get the budget. Yes, it's that simple.


We are here to provide the best experience

Fully integrated sales tool for furniture dealers.

Still using spreadsheets, PDFs and brochures to engage with new clients? FastOffice automatically calculates a budget all in a sophisticated yet simple presentation. Differentiate your dealership with FastOffice. 


Best presentations in the whole wide world

Your Main Furniture Line is on FastOffice

Your main furniture line is already on FastOffice. Start closing sales fast. Sign up today.

"FastOffice is simply a great way to engage potential tenants and win new furniture deals. My sales team is able to bring a layout to life and quickly and easy show various furniture options and budgets instantly. This level of responsiveness and our custom branded furniture catalog has created many new opportunities for us !"

Mark Benhar

Benhar Office Interiors

We will have you closing instead of quoting before you can say 1, 2,3.

Sign up for your subscription below. Contractors select "Contractor Plan", Furniture dealers "Furniture Plan". After subscribing, you can optionally sign up for a modeling subscription.


Each subscription has a trial period so we can setup your account and brand your budget tool and furniture library for dealers. We will contact you for branding files and setup default pricing for the budget tool.


Your account will be setup within a matter of days with your branding on the budget tool in addition to the furniture library if you subscribed to the "Furniture Plan". Additional models can be ordered at any time.


White label our software and market properties like never before. You own the address.  What you get

Broker Plan


A complete take off tool for TI build outs. Create estimates in minutes from a PDF. What you get.

Contractor Plan


Unlimited base building/suite models. No more PDF tracing. Just drag & drop. What you get.

Base Models


A complete budget and presentation tool. Engage with tenants and brokers like never before. What you get.

Furniture Plan


A Plan for Everybody

FastOffice is a simple monthly, no-contract subscription.

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USD per month

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