Lease Commercial Real Estate Faster

Help tenants understand their space needs, control your space planning costs, and accelerate the process leading to a signed lease.

The Past

The process of obtaining test fits to determine if a space is suitable prior to lease negotiations is frustrating and cumbersome. Time expended during the “back and forth” communications between broker, tenant and architect adds time to the process. Tenants find it difficult to visualize 2D space plans once delivered greatly increasing the decision making time-line.

  • Time to gather program information and deliver test fits is lengthy and cumbersome.
  • No visual reference to help tenants visualize their space resulting in lenghty response times.

The Past Plan

The Future

Fast Office accelerates, streamlines, and automates the process of obtaining test fit space plans during the site selectiion process. This allows the Landlord, Tenant, Architect and Broker to be all on the same page in real time. Transactions done quicker with less room for error.

  • 3D visual space assesments
  • Real time notifications
  • Online requests and comments
  • In progress data and analysis
  • Greatly reduced time line from request to approval


Landlords and their brokers can easily provide 3D visualizations of multiple options and customized test fits of selected spaces for a tenant. This helps accelerate deal flow by enabling tenants to more confidently make a decision.

  • Landlord approves all space planning from broker requests.
  • Dashboard gives real-time status and required actions.
  • Consolidates all space plans and iterations for lease book recall.


It is often a challenge to pin your tenant down for a meeting with landlord’s architect to define their space needs. Your tenant can receive rapid 3D evaluations of potential space options independently or in conjunction with a meeting with the architect. Fast Office is your backup to ensure your tenant stays the course.

  • Space Assessment results can apply to multiple buildings to equalize comparisons.
  • Turnaround on plans/revisions is monitored and accelerated through the dashboard
  • Shortens time span for quicker lease consummation


With Fast Office, you can quickly experience a range of spaces in interactive 3D to make your options clear. Turn “a space” into “your space” with a real sense of where people will work with accurate views out the window, you will know if you fit and if the space is right for you.

  • An interactive Space Assessment guides decisions for spatial requirements.
  • Bypasses the need to meet with each architect for multiple buildings under consideration.
  • Feedback and comments are handled through the platform


Turnaround time is of prime importance for both defining the tenant’s needs and the issuing of space plans. Architects focusing on landlord TI work may be servicing large building portfolios requiring adept organizational skills.

  • Broker’s space plan request activities alert to upcoming work.
  • Clarifications on tenant needs are documented and shared
  • Space Assessment tool clearly and easily provides tenant requirements.

Fast Office has transformed the process of managing prospective leasing activities and replaced it with transparency and automation making it faster, cheaper and more efficient from a time management perspective. Finally, there is one digital tool that allows the process to be tracked, refined and delivered with greater efficiency, unlocking tremendous value. Fast Office is designed with the user experience in mind and will give your building a competitive edge. It’s a paradigm shift that you cannot afford to miss.

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