3D space evaluation tool for tenants


No AutoCAD

That's right, no AutoCAD required. Fast Office was designed for readily available PDF plans. Easy to plan, modify and share.

Intuitive Design

No need to wait for layout changes. Tenants can easily modify a layout to see if it suits their needs by simply moving walls, doors and the furniture.

Your Designer

Our design pros will create your custom layout in 3D within 24 hours.  Are you still looking for a CAD file?

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What our clients say

  • I will tell you that the Fast Office team and their product is amazing and helps us with speed to market on test fits. Their interactive approach allows the prospective tenant to get engaged immediately and the multi-dimensional plans create the wow factor we need to sell the vision. The product truly sets our clients apart from the competition. It certainly makes our job on the agency side more productive.

    Hillman Duncan

    Managing Director - Agency Leasing | Cushman & Wakefield

  • Fast Office has been very helpful. Most importantly with having clients in the room and seeing their space designed. It cuts down lead time, gets them invested and keeps the process moving along. Test fits are no longer holding up the process, they are advancing the process.

    Paul O'Shaughnessy

    Senior Development Associate | Grubb Properties

  • My experience using the Fast Office system was fantastic. It made revision of the space and visualization of the result so much easier to digest, understand and appreciate than prior methods I've used. I would recommend use of this system to you and your continued relations with potential tenants, as well as the tenants themselves.

    Matthew Goldstein

    Tenant | Goldstein & McHugh, PC