Mark Benhar

Benhar Office Environments

FastOffice is simply a great way to engage potential tenants and win new furniture deals. My sales team is able to bring a layout to life and quickly and easily show various furniture options and budgets instantly. This level of responsiveness and our custom branded furniture catalog has created many new opportunities for us.

Hillman Duncan

Cushman & Wakefield

I will tell you that FastOffice is amazing and helps us with speed to market. Their interactive approach allows the prospective tenant to get engaged immediately and the multi dimensional plans create the wow factor we need to sell the vision.

Matthew Goldstein


My experience using the FastOffice system was fantastic! It made revisions of the space and visualization of the results so much easier to digest, understand and appreciate than prior methods I've used. 

Paul O'Shaughnessy

Grubb Properties

FastOffice has been very helpful. Most importantly with having clients in the room and seeing their plans modified in real time. It cuts down lead time, gets them invested and keeps the process moving along. Test fits are no longer holding up the process, they are advancing the process.