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If You Dream it, You Can Create It.

By Casey Myhre on February 9, 2018 |


There isn’t an entrepreneur alive that can’t visualize what they want to achieve, well before the goal is realized. True visionaries discard naysayers and the thought it can’t be done or “we don’t do it that way”. Elon Musk and Space X capture that spirit perfectly with the launch of “Starman” in Elon’s Tesla Roadster. This final picture of Starman in Roadster enroute to Mars orbit and then the Asteroid Belt is proof the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.

Fast Office allows entrepreneur’s to realize their vision for the built office environment instantly and far more efficiently than today’s pencil and paper methods. Within seconds, know which spaces on your short list will work and which opportunities you should discard. Sell your vision to employees and stakeholders in minutes not months.

Fast Office is seeking ten visionaries, who are either in the market for space or work in the commercial real estate industry, to preview the beta version of the next release of Fast Office and provide feedback. Your feedback will go directly to our developers to possibly incorporate into future releases. As a thank you, participants will receive a free Pro Account or 50% off an Agency Account for one full year, upon release of the production version in April. Beta release begins on or about March 1, 2018. Are you a visionary? Want to have direct input into a product that will change our industry? Subscribe to our blog now and you will be automatically signed up with a free account on release day.