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Introducing the Fastest, Easiest Office Layout Tool

By Casey Myhre on February 20, 2018 |


We are only two weeks away from launching Fast Office Beta. Sign up now to be the first to receive your own free account. What is Fast Office? Simply put, it’s the fastest, easiest tool to layout office space to determine suitability during the site selection phase.

Here is how it works:

  • Go to any office building website and download a PDF plan generally found in the “availability” section of the site.
  • Upload the PDF into Fast Office
  • Pick two known dimensions. If one does not exist on the plan, measure an exit door which is by code 3’-0”.
  • The plan automatically scales. You can now drag and drop in walls, doors and furniture
  • Pull out a virtual measuring tape to measure distance or area. Walk through the space as if you are there!

Upload competing plans and move your layout over the new floorplate to see how it compares. It's easy. See a short demo here.

Not only is Fast Office a huge time saver for tenants, it’s an incredible marketing tool for brokers. Imagine your flyers coming to live in immersive 3D. Each plan you upload creates a unique URL you can use to share with the market. Create 3D models on top of your flyer and use as part of your marketing for free! Need help, our community of local architects are a click away to help you.

Sign up for your free account now and you will be notified the day we launch Fast Office Beta in early March.