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Pacway Investments, Ltd. Makes Major Investment in Fast Office

By Casey Myhre on January 22, 2018 |


We are thrilled to announce a major investment by Hong Kong based private investment firm, Pacway Investments, Ltd. in Fast Office. Pacway has a successful track record of investment in technology companies and commercial real estate worldwide.

Fast Office has built a reputation with owners and agency brokers by solving a major pain point in the leasing process: the creation and revision of test fits. A drastic rethinking of a crucial step in leasing, Fast Office eliminates the hassle of drafts, corrections, changes, and phone calls by empowering owners, brokers, tenants and architects to create and edit their own test fits on the fly with a tenant and answer the basic questions, “will I fit?”, “what does it look like?”, and “how much will it cost”? All within an elegant and intuitive 3D sales tool. In short, Fast Office reduces a weeks-long process to minutes.

We continue to pursue the mission that defines Fast Office, build better tools that facilitate better communication about space. The investment by Pacway will enable us to deliver exciting new products in the near term. We are excited about an upcoming major new product launch in the 2nd quarter of 2018. Stay tuned!

If you’re ready to see Fast Office in action, contact us to schedule a demo. Thanks for following our story, we can’t wait to show you what we are working on next.

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