Winning, While Working Remotely

Use FastOffice to remotely market and promote your commercial office space, easily, quickly and economically.


FastOffice can develop marketing layouts, provide virtual tours and help tenants determine if a space fits their needs, all on a mobile or computer.

3D Marketing Layouts and Tours.

Virtually Real.

You send us your PDF or CAD files. You get back what you need to market and sell effectively. As-builts. Marketing layouts. Renderings. And then tour the results remotely in 3D.

Collaborate in Real-Time, Remotely

Tenants need to know they’ll fit, and what the cost will be.


FastOffice turns tenant requirements into a budgeted layout incredibly fast, and during a video call we collaborate to make changes. Live. So decisions happen just as fast.

Fast. Economical. Shareable.

Layouts and virtual tours are created far faster than with visualization tools you’ve used before. It’s all at a price point that means you can use FastOffice for any space, at any point in the marketing, sales and closing process. And the results are easily shareable.

All it takes is uploading your floor plan and requirements. We get back to you incredibly fast with the tools you need to win, while working remotely.

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