Get in front of tenants


We make it easy to engage with tenants early on, so you can grow your business.

The first sales focused office design tool.

FastOffice allows your salespeople to source leads from the market. Go beyond taking orders to owning the tenant relationship.


Drive Sales

Efficient and effective sales outreach

Increase Exposure

Your furniture in hundreds of

active listings. 

Virtual Planning

Plan space with tenants easily.

Expand Network

Widen your funnel to drive growth.


Validate and edit interactive layouts with tenants in real time

Fast Budgeting

Quote your layout for tenants in minutes.

What's Included

FastOffice Subscription

Monthly software license for your team. Unlimited users, unlimited spaces.

Software Training and Support

Our team makes sure that you have the confidence and ability. Constantly.

Premium Features

Custom Library

Your furniture line, your specs, your pricing. This is your tool ready to sell your dealership.


Maintain your brand experience when working with your customers.

On-going Library Support

We're always here to help. Whether it's updates to your library, or technical refreshers.

Professional Design

Trained designers ready to support you in test-fitting space.

How FastOffice works


Find brokers and landlords in your market. Many are marketing with pdfs with no other option, so offer them one. A highly engaging FastOffice model with a real furniture layout.


Your design team builds out these marketing models, fast. The models are embedded into the building's FastOffice listing site.


Work with tenants to test-fit the space. Prove to them that your furniture can fit their needs and why your dealership is best suited to support them.


When the tenant moves to lease, be their trusted space planner. Convert your test-fit into a quote for a fast and convenient way to furnish their space.

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