• Brad Gibbon

Case Study: Accelerating Leasing Decision Making

Chris Fyvie works for as a commercial real estate agent specializing in office leasing out of the Colliers International Downtown Toronto office. Having been introduced to FastOffice through their participation in the Proptech/Techstars program in late 2019, he immediately recognized how it would add value to his tenant assignments.

Chris noted that one of his clients was very hands-on and eager to participate in the entire decision-making process during the search for a suitable office space. Mr. Fyvie was immediately saw the value of a tool that offered his client the ability to make changes to a “test fit” in real time. Chris found that FastOffice helped accelerate decisions related to the layout and construction plans for the office space far quicker than the traditional back-and-forth with designers.

Chris started by providing a 2D hand drawn floor plan which FastOffice used to quickly produced a 3D space plan that represented his clients initial layout, including furniture! He educated his client how any desired changes could quickly be made either with help from the FastOffice team, or by the client themselves. The impact of having easy-to-use tools that allowed his client to export their ideal space design from head space, to concept through to reality in a 3D visual representation was significant.

FastOffice allowed Chris’ client to convey a vision of their dream space quickly to the brokers, landlord and contractors alike. Chris was very pleased with the way FastOffice accelerated the process, noting that without the FastOffice tool, his client may never have decided to move forward with their lease.

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