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Case Study: Designing Safer Spaces for Tenants

Amanda Power, Office Operations Manager at Loopio, was tasked with bringing employees back to work safely. But to do so, she had to figure out how to modify the office environment to achieve a six-feet distance between everyone in the office. Making matters more challenging, Loopio had added to its headcount over the past two years, increasing the density within their 30,000sq ft footprint. She reached out to her broker, Chris Fyvie of Colliers, for solutions. Chris brought FastOffice in to help provide guidance and tools that would help Amanda re-envision Loopio’s office space.

FastOffice met virtually with Amanda to produce a “Back to the Office” strategy for her company. Within two days, FastOffice took the original seating plans—which were in Excel spreadsheets—and produced a comprehensive 3D plan that took safer office practices into account. The visualization of the space made it easy for the team to collaborate and ideate on the office configuration. FastOffice identified areas of concern such as high-traffic paths, conference rooms, and workstations, and worked with Amanda to improve these areas.

Within three days, Amanda showed senior leadership her recommendations.

“Without FastOffice, it would have taken me more time, effort, and money to redesign our office,” says Amanda. “If you need help quickly to visualize what potential new office configurations may look like, use FastOffice.”



FastOffice is a Commercial Real Estate technology company, providing 3D data visualization tools for marketing and managing real estate assets. Brokers, tenants, landlords and property managers use the 3D visualizations and tours developed within FastOffice to collaborate on marketing, leasing due diligence and ongoing management of tenant and operational needs. To learn more, visit fastoffice.com


Loopio is a Toronto-based technology company that helps enterprises supercharge their responses to RFPs, DDQs, and Security Questionnaires. With Loopio, companies can empower their teams to respond faster, improve response quality, and win more business. Loopio is one of Canada's fastest-growing tech startups. It was ranked as the 13th fastest growing company on the 2019 Deloitte Technology Fast 50TM list and selected twice as one of LinkedIn's Top Startups in Canada.

Chris Fyvie

Chris Fyvie works for as a commercial real estate agent specializing in office leasing out of the Colliers International Downtown Toronto office. He was introduced to FastOffice through their participation in the Proptech/Techstars program in late 2019.

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