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Why Furniture Dealers Love FastOffice

Imagine what it would mean for your business to work with a tenant before they had signed a lease, and before everyone else had already spoken with them. You could establish a relationship, advise them in their furniture budgeting and selection, and could even help them decide which suite to lease based on their needs. Owning the tenant relationship has given other service providers in the market the ability to choose with whom a tenant works. Now it's your turn. Our tool can get you in front of tenants pre-lease.

Here's How.

Current Market Environment

COVID has impacted demand for office space across the board and sub-leases are starting to come onto the market. As a result, brokers and landlords are struggling to attract leads. Right now, they are looking for ways to differentiate the suites and sell in this market. An obvious way to win is to change how they market space. Currently, this is how space is marketed.

Unfortunately, this is the status quo for marketing spaces.


Why is the PDF so prevalent? Because it's cheap. It's easy to make a PDF of an empty space or add a layout, meaning it's not too expensive for brokers to market spaces.

Unfortunately, PDFs don't do anything to sell an office space. They aren't editable or interactive, they don't have any information about the cost or capacity of the space, and they don't help tenants make a decision.

If brokers and landlords are looking for a way to differentiate, the PDF is ripe for change.

The Opportunity

Use FastOffice's design software to create office layouts with real furniture and preliminary costing. Fast.

When brokers and landlords see their listing in 3D, they say yes to working with you.

How it works:

  1. Reach out to brokers and landlords offering to support them with FastOffice. Our current customers have had incredible success engaging with the market, and can you blame them? This is so much better than a pdf!

  2. Someone on your team builds the layout using your furniture catalog. Normally one of your designers will be fully trained to operate the software and can quickly become proficient.

  3. As tenants become interested in the space and want a test-fit for a long term lease, your company is the one to do it. This is the whole reason why you are providing the marketing collateral, an easy referral to tenants. FastOffice's software allows you to easily test-fit space, in front of a tenant in real time. Tenants love this!

  4. If the tenant doesn't want to lease the space, they will want you to continue to test-fit spaces for them. Each test-fit is an opportunity for you to sell your furniture and your dealership.

  5. If the tenant wants to lease the space, are they really going to shop around for furniture now that they know you line fits their needs? You're already their trusted space planner, it's time to become their trusted furniture provider.

The Result

You've helped a broker/landlord sell space, you've helped a tenant lease space, you've earned a customer, and you've expanded your network. FastOffice enables your dealership to proactively sell in the market. That's the FastOffice difference.

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