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Feature Highlight: Panoramic Views

Last week we updated the software to include a new feature: Panoramas. Although you might be familiar with 360 panoramic photography, you haven't seen it used like this before. With FastOffice you're able to render panoramic photos with the click of a button. Give clients a better idea of the space, while keeping all of the sales capabilities of FastOffice. Let's dive into how this works.

FastOffice Model

First we build out a model of your space. It's pretty quick, only taking around a day. The model is important since it's a container for any marketing assets that we need to add in. It'll look something like this.

Although our focus is on Panos, this model is full of functionality!

Drop in the Panoramic Camera Tool

Then we select an area to render the panorama. If you have real photos of the space, we can align them with the rendered images. Taking a panorama in FastOffice is as easy as clicking a button and selecting an area.

That weird orb? That's the virtual 360 camera.

Look at your Rendering and Align your real Panoramas

Once you drop in the panoramic camera, the software generates the image. It's pretty simple. If you have your own photos of the space, you can then attach them to the camera. Linking the two together for quick access. Also, it's pretty cool when the model and image are compared.

Seeing double?
The best part: our panoramas will change as prospective tenants test-fit the space. Notice the office furniture?

Why bother?

We all know tenants want to experience the space and see all the finishes and fixtures - 360 panorama photographs are great for this. The problem is you can't make changes to a photo. But with FastOffice you can quickly flip back and forth from the photorealistic panorama and the marketing model to help tenants understand the space. This goes beyond marketing and helps to sell your space.

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