• Brad Gibbon

Marketing in Commercial Real Estate is Easy. Selling is Hard.

Something our customers have experienced are the many, many options that landlords and brokers have to market their space. From low-budget tools like cellphone videos to more expensive options like Matterport and everything in between, you have more choice in how you market in CRE than ever before. So it's no surprise that the top of your funnel is healthy.

But why is it still so hard to close a sale?

Sales Funnel

I'm sure you've seen a few of these already, but this is a simplified version for our purposes.

What's the point? Well the top of the funnel is working great. You have lots of eyes looking at your space and maybe even lots of inquiries. Now, you need to convert those inquiries into buyers. This means you need to get them to buy/lease/sublet the space.

A tenant will only want to lease a space when they know two things:

  1. The Space will fit them.

  2. The Space is within their Budget

In an ideal scenario, you would be able to filter through all of those leads to find the two or three that would represent a strong likelihood of a sale. How do you do this now?

Generating Desire

You probably send some information out by PDF, have a conference call with the prospect, and then do a site visit. If they are still interested, you work with a designer to generate a space plan for them. After a few weeks, the tenant will generally know if the space will fit them. What they will still need is a better quote, one which is better than a back of the napkin calculation based on total square feet.

In short, the current process is costly, slow, and leaves the tenant will a huge amount of uncertainty around their company's single largest investment. On top of that, you as the broker or landlord are doing a lot of work just to get to a 'No.'

A Better Way

What if you had a sales tool that was able to answer the prospect's two questions faster, more directly, and more accurately? One that didn't rely on outdated, costly processes.

FastOffice is that sales tool. We help you convert prospects to sales.

Here's how:

  1. We will model your vacant space virtually. Either using your marketing layout or creating our own.

  2. As prospects become interested in the space, our design team will meet with them and yourself to go over their space needs. Editing the model in real time.

  3. We will finalize their requirements, sharing the finished model with them. The model includes a budget that takes furniture & T.I. into its calculation.

  4. You and the prospect will know whether they can fit, and how much it will cost within 2-3 days.

This process accelerates a prospect's decision making by weeks. Imaging trying to do the same for all your top prospects. It would be cost prohibitive and take months. The power of FastOffice is that you are able to quickly identify which prospects are a good fit for the space and focus your attention on those.


So what's it all mean? You can deliver better results - faster, for less. You can wow prospects and give them piece of mind. You can differentiate yourself from the rest of the market. You can increase the number of prospects who want to lease your space, meaning you can increase rents and decrease vacancy rates.

With FastOffice, you can sell space.

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