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Safer Office Designs: Two Examples

At FastOffice, we have already been enabling customers to make their spaces safer. In this post, we take a look at the changes we made to a marketing layout and tenant office space to reduce their viral risk. These layouts represent the end result of collaborating with our clients and are a result of their unique circumstances.


For listing brokers, trying to market office space during COVID-19 has been difficult. How can you create an appealing layout that is also safe? Our designers worked with a Toronto broker to redesign their marketing layout, integrating many of the best safety practices in the market.

Original FastOffice Marketing Layout:

Adjusted Safer Layout:

Tenant Support

Tenants are looking for solutions that will enable them to get back to work safely. They need a way to visualize, analyze, and make decision on their space, quickly and easily. Below, is an example of how FastOffice worked with a Tenant to improve their space's safety.

Original Tenant As-Built Layout:

Adjusted Safer Layout:


Through both of these processes, FastOffice was able to work with our clients to improve their space. Our proprietary tools and skilled designers, enables our clients to adjust their spaces quickly, easily, and at a low cost. If you are looking for solutions to understanding your safer space options, please contact us at support@fastoffice.com

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