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Office Managers: WRxSafe Answers Your Questions


There are a limitless number of factors impacting when and how you could return to work, so it may seem daunting and counterproductive to start the process of understanding your options. Our new service – WRxSafe – has been designed to ensure that you have the knowledge and tools to return when you are ready. Understand your options for today, next month, and next year.

So how does it work?

Step 1: Understanding Your Space

Modeling: We first model your physical space in the FastOffice environment. Our software is able to accurately represent your space. This not only allows you to see and experience the space, but also enables us to analyse the space with our purpose-built tools.

Analysis: Analyzing the space is easy. We identify available seats, circulation paths, and high-risk communal areas. We can also enhance the analysis of these areas by setting the appropriate social distance required by your region. Our design team leverages our heat map tool and flexible zones tool to maximize the number of safe seats in your space. We also re-purpose under-performing spaces – such as conference rooms – to increase occupancy.

Generating the manual: When we have completed these initial stages, we produce a report on your office space. This is published online so that you can easily share this with colleagues or staff. Your report will contain the results: Safe Capacity, and Gap to Goal.

Step 2: Short-term Improvements

Need finding: We then meet with you to understand your requirements. How many employees do you need to return to work, and what budget do you have to renovate the space? These set goal posts for our team as we try to meet your unique space needs.

Optimization: We have suppliers on our platform who produce both high-tech and low-tech solutions to increase your office’s capacity. These include privacy barriers, UVC air purifiers, and hand sanitizers. With a member of our design team, we will work with you to safely increase your occupancy using these products.

Result: After this meeting, we can establish the maximum safe occupancy given your current office layout. Hopefully, this layout will be over your required capacity and under your proposed budget, but it might not. The fact is that high-density open layouts may not be able to meet the safe staffing requirements of your firm. If that is the case, then we continue to support you.

Step 3: Long-term Solutions

Layout Re-design: Our design partners and teams can work with you to re-imagine your office space. With your FastOffice model, our partners will work quickly and accurately to alter your space within your budget to ensure your space will remain productive in the long-term.

Step 4: Changes

So, what happens when things change? When safe social distances shrink (or grow), when new products come on the market that can increase density, or when your staffing requirements change, we change easily and quickly. We will continue to support you and your company through these changes, using your model to rapidly demonstrate their impact, finding solutions and opportunities for improvement.


By working with FastOffice you not only are preparing for the present, but are setting yourself up for continued safety. Be confident in bringing back employees, whether that is tomorrow, next month, or next year. Understand your options with WRxSafe.

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