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WRxSafe Series Pt 1. Tool Overview


For the past few months, our tech team has been busy developing a new suite of tools to help tenants plan for their safe return to the office. In this blog post, we outline these tools, their function, purpose, and benefit. In subsequent posts, we will dive deeper into a specific tool to highlight the important and value in using it to return to work.

Analysis Tools

Simplified examples of our tools in action


We define a zone as an area where an employee would stand, sit, or walk. Our Auto-zones tool allows you to quickly highlight where employees would congregate.

Heat Map

Our heat map quickly visualizes 'hot' areas, or areas of too high density within a layout. This helps us identify areas of concerns and focus our effort in improving those spaces.

WRxSafe Report

A live tally of occupancy and safe/unsafe zones. As we work with you to improve your space, you will be able to see in real time the impact of any changes on your space's operational occupancy. This enables you to continuously iterate on your return-to-work plan, ensuring that your space will meet your needs.

Improvement Tools

Zone Manipulation

Just like your employees, our zones are dynamic. You are able to work with our zones to plan our your space. As we work with you to adjust the zones, you will see instantly how your space is becoming safer.

WRxSafe Library

We have worked with a number of manufacturers to ensure that we can offer a range of products that will improve your space's safety. This includes low tech solutions such as screens, sanitizers, and signage, and high tech solutions like UV-C air purifiers. This ensures that you will be able to act on your WRxSafe plan.


Although this was a pretty brief overview of what we have been working on for months, the potential value in using these tools to help make your space safer is clear. Join the our other tenants in choosing to use data to create your back to work guide.

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