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WRxSafe Series Pt 3. Improving Your Space


In our final blog post of the WRxSafe series, we'll look at what you can do to make your space safer. We have developed internal tools and external partnerships to ensure that you are able to take your plan from paper into reality.

Zone Manipulation

Our plans are easy to change quickly. Our designers identify the optimal seating layout given your safety standards. We are able to hide seats and display the impact of preventing employees from sitting in a specific station. We can also change circulation paths, to make sure that employees are able to go to and from their desks safely. We are able to change seating at a click of a button, enabling you to test out different configurations, making decisions easy.

Once we have settled on a final layout, we can then re-run our heat map tool. This time, all available desks should be green. Being able to share these two images - the before and after layouts - will give your employees security knowing that they workplace is safer.

WRxSafe Library

But we go beyond just seat selection. When you are looking to increase the density of your office beyond what is possible through distancing, we have the tools to do so.

Low-tech Options


We have placeholders for a number of common signs: walking arrows, waiting stations, automatic door identifiers, etc. When you are ready to set operational standards in the office, you can begin to plan through FastOffice.

Screens and Sanitizers

We have worked with manufacturers to offer both divider screens and snitizers onto our platform. Our designers can work with you to arrange these optimally so that you can increase your office workstation density.

High-tech Options

UVC Air purifiers

Our partner Prescientx has been selling their cutting-edge air purification products to hospitals for years. With the advent of COVID, we saw a potential for their products to improve the safety in offices with poor or low air circulation. Their products are able to capture and destroy viruses and bacteria within the air, reducing the risk of particles remaining static.


For the past 3 months, we've been hard at work developing our back to work software so you don't have to work hard. With our trained designers, our cutting-edge tech, and our technology partners, we can ensure that you feel confident bringing your employees back to work. For an operational look at the process, see this post: https://www.fastoffice.com/post/wrxsafe-process.

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