• Andy Song

WRxSafe Series Pt 4. The Power of Clean Air Technology

The return to the office comes with a plethora of things to consider for tenants wanting to communicate safety. How do I enforce social distancing? What precautions do I need to take for circulation? Product solutions such as mounted screens primarily focus on static seating within the office. But how do we address collaboration and the sense of a more dynamic working environment? At FastOffice, we've teamed up with Prescientx - a leading provider of healthcare equipment. Their products specialize in disinfection and UVC sterilization of aerosol in the air.

If you imagine the operations in an office, a person sitting at their desk can be considered safe if screen barriers are mounted between adjacent coworkers. But what happens when they need to get up? Is it safe to have your head height over a barrier? What about temporarily passing through another's social distance zone? There are too many scenarios where we unconsciously break social distancing protocols. When we can't enforce a physical barrier, air filtration technology plays an important role in mitigating risk.

The addition of Prescientx air sterilizers on our platform allows users to visualize the active agents of each of the products in a group setting. Take for example, the portable Hextio Air Sterilizer which can be placed on work surfaces. This unit purifies air in a 215 sq.ft radius - working best for smaller open workstation groupings or private offices.

For larger boardrooms or open area workstation groupings, the free-standing VK 102 Air Sterilizer may be more effective with a larger area coverage of 1776 sq.ft on center.

Of course, all proper safety measures still need to be incorporated in preventing transmission of the virus - disinfection of working surfaces, hand sanitizers, etc. But these steps can only go so far. Some office areas, such as meeting rooms, require air filtration to mitigate risk

These are just a couple of new features to help analyze your return to the office. Collaboration is still really important and we have the tools to visualize how to incorporate that safely.

We do recommend visiting Prescientx's website here for more information on the technology behind their products.

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