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Learn How to Leverage 3D Visualization and Your Own Personal, On-Demand "Architect in the Cloud", to Turn Your Prospect List into a Revenue Generation Machine

Casey Myhre - Co-Founder & CEO - Fast Office

We’ve Created the Ultimate Tenant Decision Making Platform Combining a Live Cloud Based Architect with a Powerful 3D Visualization Experience

  • Discover how brokers who use Fast Office increase listings and closed deals, and landlords reduce vacancy time, by helping their prospects simplify their decision making, by utilizing 3D visualization of potential spaces. Help quickly answer the tenants three basic questions; “Do I fit”? “What will it look like”? and “How much will it cost”?
  • Learn how to save time and focus on your best prospects by concentrating on the most feasible scenarios. Qualify potential spaces with a quick visual assessment of their potential. Discard unfeasible opportunities faster. 
  • Learn how to use the power of the web and video conferencing to bring all stake holders together in a virtual environment and watch the virtual office change based on tenant feedback, hosted by your personal, on-demand, “architect in the cloud”. Totally eliminate the inefficient review and revision process that typically happens with pen and paper. 
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