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A test fit is a prerequisite for a tenant to determine suitability of space. Our software is becoming the go to choice for brokers to illustrate their for lease spaces in the best possible light. FastOffice is the ultimate comparables tool with an auto-generated "TCO" (Total Cost of Occupancy) which includes a furniture budget. Place your brand, a call to action and your products in all requested test fits and marketing plans. In addition your brand and pricing is in the FF&E tab of the TCO calculator and get to the front of the line on furniture deals and build relationships that last.  

Building Exclusivity

Sponsor a building and the leasing team and gain address exclusivity for product placement in all tenant requested test fits. Tenants see your branding, products and pricing in context of the actual space they are considering. Sponsorship also gets the brokers branding on the viewer promoting their brand and ingratiating your company with the leasing team. It's a win-win for everyone. 

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Long-Term Marketing Asset

Many leasing teams and landlords use FastOffice marketing plans and 3D models to market their spaces and embed on their websites. Your products and brand will be displayed in all marketing plans of available space and any other marketing campaigns the leasing team uses our models to create awareness.

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​Want to see the amount of vacancy of a particular building or see who the leasing team is?  Search by address on LoopNet™ to get all of the details.

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