Work in the office. Safely.

Get started on safe for free.

WRxSafe by FastOffice is a unique 3D platform that helps you plan safer occupancy now and in the future.  


It’s fast. You can make changes on the fly. It’s easy to share results with your team so they feel more confident returning to work.


Our initial analysis is free. It means you can act, now. No strings attached.


And when you’re ready to go deeper, you can access the full capabilities of WRxSafe for a very affordable monthly subscription.


Rapid 3D

3D layouts built on pdfs. No CAD required.


Safe spacing and hot zone analysis

Real-time changes

Editable in real time


Easily modified as standards evolve


Your WRxSafe microsite is customizable, shareable and easily updated

Safe Objects

Access safer products library



WRxSafe is included with all FastOffice monthly subscriptions.

Any tenant of a building with a subscription to FastOffice gets a free workspace analysis!

Safer Floor Plan

Real-time editing session with FastOffice designer

3D visualization of analysis

Shareable on a custom microsite

How WRxSafe works







Register and send us your pdf floor plan. Then schedule an online session where we work together to create the initial safer layout. All for free. No commitment required.

When you sign up for a subscription, we work with you to optimize the layout and create a WRxSafe microsite to share with your team. This is an important step as standards evolve. You can also access our training resources and online WRxSafe catalogue of safety products.

As standards evolve, we modify layout to maximize occupancy

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